Last year I was training for a half marathon, and I did what a lot of people do when they start training for something like that… I went too hard too fast and ended up getting injured. I hurt my ankle/arch from just running too far without doing enough strength training paired with my long runs – and let’s face it – I didn’t stretch or roll out nearly as much as I should have. —- SO SO IMPORTANT!!!

The hard thing about injuries (especially to the legs or feet – because we can’t fully rest them – we need them to literally move around all day) is it is so easy to feel defeated, and give up on training altogether. I fell into a sort of “fitness depression” with my ankle. It hurt to walk most of the day, and if I went to a cardio class that had me doing any kind of hopping (jumping jacks, high knees, ice skaters etc.) my ankle would be in serious pain the next day. The last thing I wanted to do was give up on my training. My favorite part of the day was walking into the gym and working up a sweat jumping around or going for a run, but that was no longer an option. I had no idea what to do.

Today my hamstrings, glutes and adductors are  S O R E  from Wednesday’s workout! It feels so good to be this sore, it has been a while. For a few weeks now, my workouts have been intense cardio/HIIT based with some light weights / bodyweight training thrown in – so I had this urge to lift, to change things up a little.

I work in an office during the day, and we are lucky enough to have a small gym on-site with dumbbells and kettlebells and some additional equipment. So for my lunch break yesterday I decided to just go to the gym (no pre-planned workout) and just do whatever my little heart desired (besides napping of course). It ended up being one of the better workouts I’ve done in a few weeks! I felt strong, sweaty and exhausted (in the best way) when I was done. I forgot how great it felt to lift again, and lift heavy.

Here is the workout I did, it was a doozy:

Warm up: 
Jump rope for 00:01:30 (I didnt have a rope but I did the motion anyways)
Bear crawl 50′ — 5 burpees
Bear crawl 50′ back — 5 burpees
25 jumping jacks

Main set (horizontal loading system):
5 Standing shoulder presses (with a moderately heavy weight), immediately followed by 5 pushups
Repeat 3x thru

10 Dumbbell lateral raises
10Dumbbell frontal raises
10Dumbbell high-pulls
Repeat 3 x thru

10 RIGHT foot step-ups (holding heavy weight – I held two 30’s) on a club stepper or bench
10 LEFT foot step-ups (holding heavy weight – I held two 30’s) on a club stepper or bench
20 deadlifts w/ Kettlebell (I used a 50lb)
Repeat 3x thru

6 Lateral/side lunges to RIGHT – holding weight (20 lb Kettlebell)
6 Lateral/side lunges to LEFT – holding weight (20 lb Kettlebell)
10 Front loaded kettlebell squats
10 box jumps
Repeat 3x thru

Cool down and stretch.