I have disappeared from this blog lately. Oops.

Mothers day seems like it was just yesterday, when in fact it was almost 2 weeks ago already. I haven’t really been able to fully catch up since then, until right now.
What we’ve been up to: Mothers day weekend Dave’s parents came into town and camped in Carpinteria for the weekend, and we camped with them. It was actually a really nice weekend to camp, it was attempting to rain, but never did. Dave’s parents were hoping for a little more sunshine, but we really enjoyed the clouds – and the sprinkles that came the day after we left from camping. Talk about good timing. We had a great time just hanging out by the beach, letting the dogs play in the water, and cooking some good campfire food.

Olive loved the whole experience – especially the food part. She’s all about the camp food.

I was able to go for a long run the Saturday before Mother’s day. It wasn’t a great run. My hip flexor was hurting and I got a stomach ache early on, and there were a couple dead animals along the beach where I was running and it smelled really bad – I don’t do well with bad smells. But by mile 8 I climbe up the last hill and tried to see the bright side of this semi-unsuccessful run: The view from the top of this hill.
I made it back to camp and treated myself (and Dave’s parents) to a good cup of coffee from the Lucky Llama in town. Love their almond milk lattes! They make everything better.

After Mothers day was over and Dave’s parents headed back home to Washington, Dave and I went back to work and continued with our workout plans as usual. Training has been getting harder and harder for me. I don’t know if its the frequency, or the intensity, but I am feeling worn down these days. Last week Dave and I changed things up a little by going to the park and doing a sprint drill workout with cones and kettlebells.

We set up 10 cones 10 yards apart – totaling 100 yards. We did a Sprint workout that was a jog/sprint sequence (with 10 Kettlebell swings at each end) that went like this:

90 yds / 10 yds
80 yds / 20 yds
70 yds / 30 yds
60 yds / 40 yds
50 yds / 50 yds
40 yds / 60 yds
30 yds / 70 yds
20 yds / 80 yds
10 yds / 90 yds
100 yard sprint

Then the same sequence above ^ but back down, so you’re ending with a 100 yard jog.

Don’t let my enthusiasm in this picture fool you…. This workout was a doozy, and left us feeling sore for about 3 days. WOOF. (Mostly I was just really excited about that new shirt – I mean, thats really my life in a nutshell)

Between grocery shopping, working out, planning and teaching my bootcamp at 5am, and work – I haven’t had much time for anything. I hope now that I’ve returned to some form of normalcy I can get back to blogging regularly. Next big ticket event: My very first half-marathon!!! EEEEEEEEK

This past weekend we finally were able to hike Topa Topa again. And I’ll say it right here at the beginning, WE MADE IT TO THE TOP. Last time when we hiked it, we only made it about 5 or 6 miles in, then turned around and went back… little did we know we were still almost 3 miles away from the top (and it gets really steep at the end) — 17+ miles, 7 hours, and two pairs of extremely sore legs later, we had made the trek all the way up, and all the way back to the truck with success.
This hike is truly beautiful. It kind of baffles me that I never really hiked it growing up – these mountains are right above my parents house, and the trail starts only a few miles away from them – but we can now say we have seen the view from the top and it really is amazing. You can see all of Upper Ojai, Ojai, and only what I can assume was Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Ventura…. It was incredible.
We made sure to bring plenty of water and snacks (100+ oz of water each, almond butter packets, lara bars, and chicken wraps), and this time we left Phoebe at home. That is just too far of a trek for her little legs.
The trails were absolutely beautiful this time around – Spring is in full bloom and there were wildflowers and even some running water in the creeks and crossings! (That in itself is a Southern California miracle) The view from the top was the grand finale though…IMG_5268

The hardest part about making it to the top? Knowing you still have to go all the way back down. It sounds easy, but it is hard on your legs – especially your quads!! I am STILL a little sore from this hike, and its Thursday!! It was great training for our upcoming Spartan races though, let me tell you!!

I didn’t get my 11 mile run in that weekend. I was a little disappointed but this epic Sunday hike made up for it. I will get my long run in this upcoming weekend for sure. Dave’s parents will be in town and we are camping with them by the beach. I’m looking forward to being able to go for a long run along the beach again, eating some good camp food, and indulging a little for Mothers Day.

This morning started off EARLY at 5:00am at the Bootcamp class I teach at my gym. I am really starting to enjoy teaching this class (and the time is getting more and more bearable the more I do it). I have a couple regulars, and a few part-time regulars. Nobody makes it to EVERY one of my classes because it’s just so darn early – that snooze button is very tempting, and I totally understand when people can’t make it in.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.55.49 PM
Todays workout was a good 9 station circuit. 1 minute at each station:

1. Single leg curl-to-press on Bosu (balance on left leg)
2. Single leg lateral + frontal raises on Bosu (balance on right leg)
3. Ladder drills – Hop on right leg in-and-out of ladder, hop back on left leg
4. Floor tricep dumbbell press
5. Tire side-hop > burpee > broad jump to next tire
6. Bear crawls from cone-to-cone w/ 3 side plank rotations on each side
7. Medicine ball side toss > hop in-and-out of tire sideways > Med ball toss back
8. Goblet squat to  Kettlebell press
9. Rope climb from seated position, stabilizing/supporting w/ legs on ground

I had the class do this circuit 3x thru after a good 15 minute warm up. It was a great class and everyone was sweaty and breathing pretty heavily by the end. That equals success in my book!