A Grand Return

BY 11 November 2015 Uncategorized

I’m BACK!!!!

That was quite the hiatus wasn’t it?

Well, A LOT has been going on since my last post. I’ve completed the Hawaii Spartan Trifecta, The Tahoe World Championships BEAST, another SoCal Beast and have also taken on teaching 2 additional circuit training classes at a new gym. Life has been busy busy busy. I want to be able to take moments like these to settle down and reflect, and share some of the stuff I get to experience every week… I hope I can do that again. So here I am…. trying.

Today started out pretty normal. Taught my circuit training class this morning at 6am, and actually changed the workout up this time around and did the workout with them. It was actually kind of nice doing that, I think it helps the class members stay motivated to keep moving. I might try this new method a couple more times to see how everyone responds.

Tonight I have a photo shoot in Ojai. In the last couple of months, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about doing maternity photography and newborn photography. I don’t necessarily advertise myself as that sort of photographer, but somehow people are finding me and asking me to do it. Extra money right? (Though all this “extra work” is starting to take over all my free time)

After my photo shoot tonight I am subbing another class at this new gym, then I have to jet home and make a batch of pumpkin squares for tomorrow’s potluck at work.

Wish me luck on getting all this done today and keeping everything straight.