I don’t necessarily want to say I have fallen off the wagon, but it is safe to probably describe my current relationship with food by painting a vivid word-picture of myself dangling from said wagon by one arm, feet dragging on the ground… about to fall off. 🙂

Bad habits have slowly started creeping back into my busy lifestyle. Snacking on things I would not have touched a year ago. Sips of soda, bites of gluten-containing foods, and the sugar. Oh the sugar.

Needless to say I need a reset.

I’ll be honest, I’ve needed one for about a year. And I am pretty lucky to be able to say have not gained all that much considering I’ve completely stopped counting calories or macros. The jeans I was wearing before my wedding are the same jeans I am wearing today (albeit a bit more snug these days). Thanks to all the hard training I’ve been doing over the year to be able to complete 11 Spartan Races, I have been able to “maintain” a relatively level body weight. But I could still stand to lose that weight, and most importantly, I am not happy with how I FEEL on the inside. If the outside were to harden up a little bit more… well, I wouldn’t complain one bit. Cue, WHOLE30.


Another trainer I know at my gym did the WHOLE30 earlier this year and had nothing but positives to say about it. Yes, I will be eliminating a lot of foods from my diet. Yes, it’s going to be a challenge. But that’s just it, thats what I NEED. Challenge. There is no “lifestyle change” of any kind that will ever be easy, unless it’s reverting back to unhealthy ones, and nobody wants that.

So here I am, preparing for the WHOLE30. I will be clearing out my pantry of all things BAD, and tossing them. And eventually, I will fill my fridge and cupboards with all approved whole foods. I am planning on doing this with a friend, so I am not alone in the hangry-ness and sugar withdrawals. But I think this might be one of the best ways to “ring in the new year” I can think of.

I know, how cliché of me, starting a diet on January 1st. Actually though, I am going to try to start it a little earlier, before the holidays so I can get used to the challenges of resisting temptation during one of the most tempting times of the year. I know I will slip, especially on Christmas day with all the goodies and things, but practice makes perfect.  I’m looking at it this way: December is when I start walking, January is when I hit the ground running!

Hows that for a metaphor? 🙂

I am going to document this experience as best I can here. Posting photos of my meals and struggles and successes, if anything to be able to look back if I ever decide to do this again.

Here we go.