Over the past few months, especially after my wedding, I’ve noticed myself caving when it comes to temptation and allowing myself to indulge on treats a lot more frequently, which has led to me feeling slightly “off” and not as energized as I feel I could be. After the last couple of Spartan races, I feel like I am indeed getting stronger, but still have some improvements to make – and diet is definitely number one. I have decided to try going Paleo once again.


MY goals for going Paleo again are not only for cosmetic reasons. I know I still have some fat to lose, but also want to internally change how my energy system works. I had a lot of success early on with Paleo, but ultimately I hit a plateau because of my portioning. So I changed a few things about my diet and ultimately drifted off the paleo path and more into a IIFYM style of eating – which worked wonderfully for weight loss, but it is extremely hard to maintain. Paleo on the other hand, is more of a style of eating that can be adapted for life – in my opinion. I just need to make sure my portions stay in control and I am not eating 10oz of steak for lunch on accident. HA.

The other element I am adding into this dietary change is intermittent fasting. I’ve been reading up on this, and think this might be something that will work well for me. I need energy throughout the day to fuel my workouts, but on a rest day, I.F. might create the caloric deficit I need and get my body to burn more fat as fuel. This will be an interesting experiment and I look forward to sharing it.


Erin Cox

<p>In the past few years I’ve acquired a much healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost 50 lbs, going from a size 14 to a size 4. I have gone from over-eating, emotional-eating and self-loathing with little to no exercise, to a life that is filled with healthy whole foods, minimal ingredients and lots and lots of fun workouts and activities. I love working out at bootcamps, boxing, and running obstacle courses (especially Spartan Races) mud runs, 10Ks and 5Ks. I fell in love with this lifestyle so much, that I even went out and earned my NASM Certification in Personal Training. My adventure as a certified personal trainer is just beginning, and I thought it might be fun to document the journey.</p>